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Ph.D. — (Computer and Information Science), Silpakorn University, Thailand

M.Sc. — (Information Technology), Silpakorn University, Thailand

B.Sc. — (Computer Science), Silpakorn University, Thailand



Semantic Web / Linked Data

Big Data Integration

Deep Learning

Parallel Computing

Augmented Reality



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Conference Proceeding and Poster Presentation
Choksuchat, C., Gorlatch, S. and Chantrapornchai, C., “CBM: A Compact Representation and its Parallel Search for Query Processing on GPU,” in Object Oriented and Parallel Programming and Systems (OOPPS) Track: Proc.of the 33rd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2018), Pau, France. (Best Poster Winner, Conference Ranks A1, source: Qualis)


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Ph.D. Forum
The case study of Parallel Java for SPARQL queries on semantic web (2013), Ph.D. Forum, KST -2013, Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University.